Friday, September 11th

09h30. Welcome speech

Opening the congress

Chairpersons : A. ALADASHVILI / B. ALEKYAN

10h00 -10h25. Antoine LAFONT (Paris, France)

« The biodegradable stent: the present »

10h25 -10h50. Alec VAHANIAN (Paris, France)

« What can you expect from the percutaneous treatment of mitral valve disease? »

10h50 -11h10. Davood MOYAED (Teheran, Iran)

« Percutaneous transmitral commissurotomy: long term results in patients with previous CMVC or OMVC »

11h10 -11h30. Jacques BERLAND (Rouen, France)

« The french TAVI experience »

11h30-12h00. Coffee break

Chairpersons: Y. LOUVARD / N. MELIKIAN

12h00 -12h30. Bagrat ALEKYAN (Moscow, Russia)

« Stent fenestration of the atrial septum for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary hypertension »

12h30 -13h00. Alexander ALADASHVILI (Tbilissi, Georgia)

« Interventional cardiology in Georgia - Achievement and problems »

13h00 -14h30. Lunch

(For the congress speakers, lunch at the Congress Hotel)

Chairpersons: A. MATIKIAN / P. BARRAGAN

14h30 -14h50. Mikael ISAYAN (Kaliningrad, Russia)

« Left ventricular hypertrophy regression in elderly patients after small diameter aortic valve replacement »

14h50 -15h15. Narbeh MELIKIAN (London, England)

« FFR: the state of art in 2015 »

15h15 -15h40. Alice OHANESSIAN (Paris, France)

« Coronary artery disease in women »

15h40 -16h05. Javad ZIBAEENEZHAD (Chiraz,Iran)

« Left main PCI »

16h05 -16h30. Oswald KHADCHADOURIAN (Alep, Siria)

« A clinical case report from Alep »

16h30 -17h00. Coffee break

Chairpersons: J. BERLAND / A. OHANESSIAN

17h00 -17h30. Armand EKER (Monte Carlo, Monaco)

« LV reconstruction in the ischemic coronary artery diseases »

17h30 -18h00. Davood MOYAED (Teheran, Iran)

« Superficial femoral artery interventions: can we improve long term results »

18h00 -18h30. Dmitry astaPov (Novosibirsk, Russia)

« The “bioLAB Mono” stentless tissue valve: early outcomes after aortic valve replacement »

ECCC 2015

September 11-12

Scientific program

Saturday, September 12th


Chairpersons: P. BARRAGAN / A. VAHANIAN

9h00 - 9h25. Bagrat ALEKIAN (Moscow, Russia)

« Percutaneous coronary interventions in patients with high surgical risk »

9h25 - 9h50. Yves LOUVARD (Massy, France)

« What is a coronary bifurcation and what are the consequences for treatment? »

9h50 -10h10. Kristine MARGARYAN (Yerevan, Armenia)

« Efficiency of coronary artery stenting in patients with multivessel and multisegment coronary disease »

10h10 -10h30. Karen HAMBARZOUMIAN (Goris, Armenia)

« A clinical case report from Goris »

10h30 -11h00. Coffee break

Chairpersons: P. BARRAGAN / D. MOYAED

11h00 -11h15. Shahen KHATCHATRYAN (Yerevan, Armenia)

« Integral changes of the left ventricle in delayed revascularization »

11h15 -11h30. Karine PETROSYAN (Yerevan, Armenia)

« A clinical case report »

11h30 -11h45. Vahagn SARGSYAN (Yerevan, Armenia)

« A clinical case report »

11h45 -12h00. Vahan MKITARYAN (Yerevan, Armenia)

« A clinical case report »

12h00 -12h30. Avedis MATIKIAN (Marseille, France)

« Franco-Armenian Hospital of Goris: last news »


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