Opening the congress in presence of

Mr. Tigran SARKISSIAN, Prime Minister of Armenia,

Mr. Harountioun KOUCHKIAN, Health Minister,

and Mrs Hranouch HAKOBIAN, Minister of Diaspora.

Pr. Bagrat Alekyan (Russia)

Interventional cardiology in treatment of some congenital heart defects

Dr. Yury V. Panichkin (Ukrainia)

Stent implantation of discrete coarctation of aorta in adolescent and adult patients

Dr. Georges Tedy (Lebanon)

Is there a real risk of bleeding when operating patients without interrupting clopidogrel medication?

Pr. Alec Vahanian (France)

Transcatheter aortic valve implantation

Dr. Yury V. Panichkin (Ukrainia)

Load term results (up to 10 years) of mitral balloon valvuloplastic in series of 192 patients

Pr. Oswald Khatchadourian (Syria)

Case of PTCA complication

Dr. Dondua David Petrovich (Russia)

Retrograde recanalization of coronary CTO

Dr. Shahen Khachatryan (Armenia)

Results of the PTCA in acute coronary syndrome with non-stable ST elevation

Dr. Oleg Sukhorukov (Russia)

Modern approaches in STEMI treatment : the experience of Moscow City Center of Interventional Cardiology

Dr. Vahan Mkhitarian (Armenia)

Comparison of patients with stable angina I-II FC and III- IV FC and its angiographic representations.

Dr. Paul Barragan (France)

Treatment of coronary bifurcation

Dr. Claude Charmasson (France)

“How I prefer the radial approach for percutaneous coronary revascularisation”

ECCC 2009

October 29-30

Scientific program

Dr. Vahagn Sarkisyan (Armenia)

Patient satisfaction and medication noncompliance following percutaneous coronary intervention in Armenia

Pr. Martine Gilard (France)

Optical coherence tomography study of coronary

stent strut coverage and luminal protrusion

with drug eluting stents

Pr. Bagrat Alekyan (Russia)

Interventional cardiology in treatment in complex coronary artery disease (left main and total chronic occlusion)

Dr. Mher Sousany (Armenia)

Result of treatment for coronary artery bypass surgery multi vessel in Armenia

Dr. Jacques Berland (France)

Syntax trial : should we change our daily practice?

Dr. Joseph Elias (Lebanon)

The risk profil of coronary artery desease

in the Lebanese population.

Dr. Aram Nazaryan (Armenia)

The emergency coronary artery stenting can be life saving procedure

Pr. Zadig Balban (Syria)

Dr. Paul Barragan (France)

Biosensors stent versus Cypher: two years follow-up

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