Opening the congress in presence of

Mr Tigran SARKISSIAN, Prime Minister of Armenia,

Mr Harountioun KOUCHKIAN, Health Minister,

and Me Hranouch HAKOBIAN, Minister of Diaspora.

Chairpersons : Pr B. ALEKYAN / DrRo

Dr Olivier WITTENBERG (Marseille, France)

« Magnetic resonance imaging in congenital diseases »

Pr Alec VAHANIAN (Paris, France)

« Percutaneous treatment of mitral régurgitation »

Chairpersons : Dr N. GODJABACHIAN / Dr M. SOUSANY

12h00-12h30. Pr Bagrat ALEKYAN (Moscow, Russia)

« Percutaneous treatment of PFO and ASD »

12h30-13h00. Pr Alec VAHANIAN

« TAVI in 2011 : what’s new ? »

Chairpersons : Dr A. MATIKIAN / Dr J. BERLAND

Pr Antoine LAFONT (Paris, France)

« Future of biodegradable stent »

Dr Mickael ADAMYAN (Yerevan, Armenia)

« Short term outcome after target vessel revascularization in STEMI : retrospective analysis »

Dr Oswald KHATCHADOURIAN (Alep, Syria)

« Is there still an indication for anti-GP 2B/3A in acute coronary syndroms ? »

Dr Olivier DARREMONT (Bordeaux, France)

« Bifurcations : last 2011 news from the European Bifurcation Club »

Premières Rencontres


Franco-Arméniennes 2007

Scientific program

Chairpersons : Dr P. BARRAGAN / Pr A. LAFONT

Pr Javad ZIBAE NEZHAD (Teheran, Iran)

« PCI versus CABG in diabetic patients »

Dr Narbeh MELIKIAN (London, England)

« FFR-The all in one approach for managing coronary artery disease »

Chairpersons : Pr A. VAHANIAN / Pr B. ALEKYAN

Dr Jacques BERLAND (Rouen, France)

« PCI for distal LMCA »

Dr Oleg SUKHORUKOV (Moscow, Russia)

« PCI of total chronic occlusions »

Dr Jean-Pascal PEYRE (Marseille, France)

« Radial road : the royal road »

Chairpersons : Dr P. BARRAGAN / Dr N. MELIKIAN

Dr Shahen KHATCHATRYAN (Yerevan, Armenia)

« Are there any differencies between coronary treatment tactics according to the genre ? »

Dr Gagik HEBOYAN (Yerevan, Armenia)

« Long term results of pulmonary vein isolation in patients undergoing mitral valve surgery in NHMC »

Dr Aram NAZARYAN (Yerevan, Armenia)

« Comparison of door-to-balloon time for primary PCI using transradial versus transfemoral approach in STEMI patients : single center experience »

Dr Paul BARRAGAN (Ollioules, France)

« Anti-platelet regimen for PCI in 2011 »

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